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Our brand « Molnar Fabry » represents the alliance of our names - Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry - and of our talents. We have be gun our careers as certified jewellers and goldsmiths. Having finished our respective studies in 1998, we met in 2002 and kept on working in the industry until 2005, when we opened our own jewellery boutique. From the onset, we have specialized in the conception and creation of bespoke fine jewellery pieces, aiming at providing our clients with the best quality of both the gemstones and the artwork. Focused on enhancing our high-jewellery techniques and know-how, we gradually acquired all the corresponding equipment. We always were, and still are, on the lookout for innovative ideas and on an unrelenting quest for improving and developing our craftsmanship too. Eventually, our training and experience in the high jewellery organically led us to branch out our activities into the field of high watchmaking.


Our Brand



Our credo can basically be summed up in two words: beauty and longevity. In contrast to ever faster and more automated commercial realities, we strive to provide our customers with truly distinctive and dependable timepieces thanks to handmade watchmaking craft and jewellery art in the highest quality.


Our Brand



In our universe of boutique watchmaking artisans, we consider it an immense pleasure and privilege to partner with other independent watchmakers and companies for cooperation and common projects involving compelling calibers.

How we work

Our Craft

  • Atelier

    Welcome to our handmade watchmaking universe...It is an independent world where the whole creative potential of two people finds its absolute expression...


  • Skills

    From drawing your idea about the perfect mechanical watch to its materialization, mastering a whole diapason of skills is a must in our work...


  • Components

    The custom design of our handmade watch components entails further valorization of our bespoke creations and their genuine authenticity...


  • How to proceed

    For ordering your own bespoke Molnar Fabry time piece, you may meet us personally or call/email us if that is more convenient for you...


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Molnár Fábry Ltd
Horná 65A,
974 01 Banská Bystrica,

CRN: 47 353 228
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of the District Court of Banská Bystrica


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Ted Tsai | Agent for Taiwan