About us


In our universe of boutique watchmaking artisans, we consider it an immense pleasure and privilege to partner with other independent watchmakers and companies for cooperation and common projects involving compelling calibers.

The most sophisticated watch movement we skeletonized so far originates in none other hands than Christophe Claret’s. With a legendary reputation for high-watchmaking complications built over decades, Mr. Claret has been our role model for years so meeting him was a highly inspirational experience in several respects.

On our way to his manufacture seated in the Swiss town Le Locle, we already knew his work by heart. We have set our sights on his caliber CCR97, and we were immensely glad when Mr. Claret consented to our wish. This particular movement stems from the caliber PRE97 conceived for the renowned Opus 2 model (Harry Winston). A one-minute tourbillon, pulsating at a frequency of 21’600 vibrations/hour, the caliber CCR97 incorporates 195 components and boasts a power reserve of 110 hours. Its signature manual winding mechanism known as “mysterious winding” is what makes ittruly outstanding in our eyes. Thus, through sensitive skeletonizing, our aim was to valorize this mechanism by partly unveiling the winding wheel. We have agreed with Mr. Claret to work on three tourbillons, each for a unique timepiece of course. The first bespoke watch we crafted with his caliber is called Tourbillon Art Deco Mysterious and it took more than 6 months to materialize. It reflects an elegant design with delicate skeletonizing in the art deco style.

Within our regional context, and in a literally good neighborhood spirit, we have partnered with PRIM Manufacture to skeletonize and decorate their new caliber - PRIM caliber 93, modified following our requirements (the main plate was straightened for enabling better skeletonizing, ancillary holes were not drilled). This joint project constitutes the first trans-border watchmaking cooperation since the partition of the Czechoslovakian state more than 20 years ago. We value this common undertaking with the traditional Bohemian watchmaker, established in 1949, for it represents a unique challenge for us to work with the same manufacture caliber in original ways for each new timepiece (two limited editions model lines PRIM SKELETON and PRIM SKELETON II, each of 10 pieces). The most exclusive watch issued from this collaboration has a platinum 950/1000 case. We have set its movement with 206 diamonds of a diameter ranging between 0,6 and 2,1 mm. Another 12 diamonds are set on the indexes.

More photos can be seen on http://www.prim.cz

As we currently design and realize most of the other watch components by ourselves, the list of our suppliers gets shorter every day. For the premium quality leather straps that complement each of our bespoke creations, we cooperate with the Paris-based firm A.B.P. (http://www.abp-paris.com)

Finally, we equally wish to hereby express our sincere gratitude to the specialized journalists who have helped us considerably in our horologic undertaking, be it by their encouragement, insights or introductions and contacts. Namely: Ms. Jana Sirotova and Mr. Igor Sirota from the magazine HODINKY & Sperky, as well as Mr. Michal Achremenko from Watch Magazine, Mr. Jan Lidmansky from Watch It, and Messrs. Ariel Adams & David Bredan from Ablogtowatch.