About us


Our credo can basically be summed up in two words: beauty and longevity. In contrast to ever faster and more automated commercial realities, we strive to provide our customers with truly distinctive and dependable timepieces thanks to handmade watchmaking craft and jewellery art in the highest quality.

Catering to our customers’ wishes in both the technical and creative fields, constant improvement and quest for perfection represent the essential attributes of our endeavor. Our independence lies, first and foremost, in the wealth of our artistic and horologic talents and skills, which we daily commit to hone so as to carry on creating truthfully original and mechanically sophisticated watches with the highest possible precision.

In this pursuit, a blend of modernity and history is always present on our mind: inspired by watchmaking traditions and materials valued for centuries, we infuse innovation in each of our designs and engage in further experimentation with novel materials.

Our brand is not only characterized by the skeleton technicality - the “open heart” of a watch revealing the intricacies of our work. Our aim is to invite our customers, be it discerning connoisseurs or novice enthusiasts, into our own mechanical world in a truly welcoming spirit: customized interaction remains the cardinal trait of our mutual exchanges. Our minds are similarly open: open to new client ideas, open for more horologic adventures. Creativity, resourcefulness and dedication constitute the cornerstone of our guarantee for ongoing innovation and uniqueness.

Materializing our customer’s horologic dreams is a challenge that we are passionate to take up again and again, better and better. We design and create fine watchmaking complications for seasoned collectors as well as more “simple” timepieces for watch aficionados looking for more affordable models. We try to be as flexible as possible, considering various tastes and financial means an excellent source of diversity, which keeps on inspiring and motivating us. Therefore, we do not plan to concentrate solely on highly complex movements in the future. We like to instill skeletonized elegance into a tourbillon as well as into a base Unitas caliber for example. Our main concern is the quality of the caliber and the singularity of the customer’s own ideas. All our creations shall remain exclusive pieces uniques though, always made to order and never replicable.

Our client relationships rely on a genuinely personal and personalized connection: we usually deliver timepieces in person and our customers are naturally welcome to visit our workshop upon appointment. Needless to say that we cultivate these relationships over time - durability is not only firmly anchored in our watches but equally in our customer care.

We also deem that our brand has an authentic “unisex” quality: we love jewelled timepieces, and as experienced jewellers, we believe that we have acquired a certain touch for satisfying discerning feminine clientele traditionally looking for more decorated and/or decorative timepieces.

Realizing handmade skeletonized timepieces that keep the time for those who share our passion for elegance and exactitude, our best reward are customers having great time enjoying our creations.

We shall be delighted to provide the wealth of our talents at your service, crafting the bespoke timepiece you personally envision. Kindly consult the “Contact us” section for learning more details on how to proceed.