Our craft


The custom design of our handmade watch components entails further valorization of our bespoke creations and their genuine authenticity, as they can clearly be distinguished from the initial watch movement we skeletonize.

Hand-crafting our proprietary watch parts equally results in enhanced quality of our time pieces. For example, with our in-house balance wheels, the amplitude and rate criteria are improved as compared to the previous externally-sourced alternatives.

Starting with designing and manufacturing bespoke gold cases for our timepieces, we gradually added hands, screws, bridges, crowns, etc. The latest addition to this list of handmade components is our proprietary balance wheel as mentioned above. All the other watch components we use are sourced from the best quality suppliers, and then further customized, hand finished and decorated (handmade engraving and stone-setting).

Each of our unique timepiece creations is naturally complemented by a bespoke bracelet (made-to-order in Paris) with in-house crafted deployment buckles.

Materials of our watch parts

The calibers we use for skeletonizing are made of: alpaca, horologic brass, various types of steel and titanium grade 5. They are all Swiss-made mechanical movements, with manual or automatic winding depending on the caliber.

For cases, we offer 18 ct gold in yellow, rose and white color variants, as well as titanium grade 5 or steel 316L. Our new proprietary case has a 44 mm diameter, we traditionally also provide 42 mm or other dimensions according to customer preference.

Matching handmade crowns and hands of our proprietary design equally come in gold, titanium or blued steel versions.

Some of our past creations also feature custom-made dials in materials such as rose gold or mother of pearl. Other materials are naturally available if the client wishes so.

For the bracelets, we can provide all types of exotic leathers and all the straps are made-to-order in France.

We then fit them with deployment buckles we craft in white, yellow or rose gold, platinum, steel or titanium as on the cases.